The Viti winery is situated in the southern Krems valley, in the village of Paudorf to be exact, and at the foot of the Göttweig mountain.

In the year 2018 Vanessa Ettenauer and Fabian Heistinger took over the vinification and brought the Viti winery back to life.

Since then not a stone has been left standing. With new innovative ideas we’ve set out to build on old traditions to combine the best of „both worlds“.

On the following pages we want to introduce our winery and the range of products that we offer.

Product range

We not only offer a wide range of white wines, but also a multitude of brandies and liqueurs. All our products a made with great care and dedication, to guarantee such a unique taste and pleasure.

Of course, we offer our product range ex winery, at our Heurigen or by dispatch.

Junger Schurdl 2023

12,0 % vol., dry
youthful, fragrant, spritzy

Grüner Veltliner 2022

12,0 % vol., dry
fresh yellow fruit, spritzy, spicy

Gelber Muskateller 2022

11,5 % vol., dry
sparkling, elderflower with an underlying peach aroma

Chardonnay 2022

13,0 % vol., dry
full-bodied, aromatic, yellow pear and quince

Ried Frauengrund 2022

Grüner Veltliner | Kremstal DAC

12,5 % vol., dry

ripe pears, exotic, spicy and full-bodied

Ried Leukuschberg 2022

Riesling | Kremstal DAC

12,5 % vol., dry

peach and citrus, mineralic, lively acidity

Grüner Veltliner Reserve 2020

14,0 % vol., dry
mature flavour, strong creamy body with a long finish

Chardonnay Reserve 2020

13,0 % vol., dry
dried fruits, touch of vanilla with a light toasting


13,0 % vol., dry

vistula, cassis, fine roasted aromas

Our spirits and liqueurs (an overview)

  • apricot brandy
  • plum brandy
  • brandy
  • apricot liqueur
  • nut liqueur
  • red wine liqueur

About us

As a family business we believe that team-spirit and cross-generational cooperation are incredibly important. Even if it sometimes feels like a curse and a blessing at the same time, we are proud to unite four generations.


Our junior boss is never short of new ideas for changes and innovations. She is the driving force and ensures that work at Viti Winery never gets boring. Especially during wine tasting and vinification she shows the courage to self-criticize and continuously strives for quality. Since her early childhood Vanessa has been out and about in the vineyards and knew even then to keep her fellow human beings on the go. The spark for the love of viticulture soon electrified her. That is why she took over the business in 2018 after finishing Viticulture School and relevant internships.


With great passion Fabian primarily deals with the wines in the cellar, always trying to transfer the „history“ of each wine into the bottle without distortions. He does his job in a coordinated and persistent way, in the cellar as well as at the Heurigen. Always up for a joke he manages to ease the tension in stressful situations. He developed his enthusiasm for wine working as a sommelier in restaurants. Fabian’s passion and profound knowledge made him take over the business, together with Vanessa, after finishing his viticultural education.


Walter’s wife is incredibly persistent and motivated. Nothing seems to be more rewarding than working in the vineyards. Her kind manner also makes her guests at the Heurigen smile.

Walter sen.

When he deals with the upkeep of the vineyards, Vanessa’s grandfather always aims at perfection in an unstinting and meticulous way. The same goes for brandy making. There’s not only fire in the schnapps kettle, but also in his heart….and you can certainly taste this.

Günter und Walter jun.

These are the two sons of Hermine and Walter sen. Both are ready to support us, whenever we need them, helping us with advice and deeds.

Our Heurigen

The best place to enjoy our wines is at our Heurigen. No matter if you prefer the sunny inner courtyard or the comfortable, quaint dining room area, you will certainly find your favourite spot.

We believe that all you need to have a pleasant time in Paudorf are local specialities combined with our wines and our hospitality.

Come and see for yourself!!

We are open:

09.11. – 26.11.2023

Every Thursday to Sunday, from 4 p.m.

Our menu


Weinbau Viti
Weinbau Viti
Es geht schon wieder los... Aus'gsteckt is!!

Wir starten schon diesen Donnerstag, den 09.11., ab 16 Uhr.
Gerne könnt ihr schon jetzt eueren Lieblingsplatz reservieren.
📅09.11. bis 26.11.2023, jeweils Donnerstag bis Sonntag, ab 16 Uhr

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Weinbau Viti
Weinbau Viti
Heute geht es los!!

Für alle die schon einen Blick in unsere Speisekarte werfen wollen, ihr findet sie auf unserer Homepage unter 😉

📅20.07. bis 06.08.2023, immer Donnerstag bis Sonntag ab 16 Uhr

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Weinbau Viti
Weinbau Viti
Erstmals ist diesen Mittwoch, 19.07. ab 19 Uhr
die Musikwerkstatt GLATT & VERKEHRT
bei uns im Hof zu Gast.

Wer möchte ist sehr herzlich eingeladen dabei zu sein.

Wir freuen uns auf einen tollen musikalischen Heurigenabend.
Weinbau Viti
Weinbau Viti
Es geht wieder los...

Ausg'steckt is!!

Wir haben unseren Heurigen von 20.07 bis 06.08 geöffnet.
Immer Donnerstag bis Sonntag ab 16 Uhr.

Wir freuen uns auf gemütliche Sommerabende bei uns im Hof!!


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